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Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret

Kistang - Ramin wood is one type of wood that is widely available in Indonesia. The ramin tree grows in Sumatra and Kalimantan, which mostly have peat forests. Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret Ramin is a very familiar type of wood used for making doors and house frames. If you look at houses in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, many use this ramin material. Unfortunately, many do not know how to properly care for ramin doors. For those of you who have a house made of wood, you need to know how to properly care for it. Why Choose Doors with Ramin Wood? The reason ramin wood is so popular is of course because of its quality, although when compared to teak it is still very far away. However, this wood remains a favorite of the Indonesian people. Not only used by the people themselves, ramin is also a fairly large contributor to exports. Most of the ramin is exported in the form of wood lpg or plywood. In Indonesia itself, ramin is famous for being used as f

5 Types of Tables For Your Dream Home

Kistang - When you buy a new house, you automatically need furniture to decorate it. One of them is a table that is used for various purposes. Therefore you must understand what types of tables for the home are. To make work easier, and make your home more pleasing to the eye. Check out the full explanation below:

5 Types of Needs Support Desk

5 Types of Tables For Your Dream Home
5 Types of Tables For Your Dream Home

It is an important component that must exist in a house. Imagine if you want to put something but there is no table it will definitely be a hassle. Do you want to put it below? Is it guaranteed cleanliness? Indeed, sometimes the concept of lesehan is still in great demand. But the presence of a table is still important, yes. Here are 4 types of tables that must be in your home.

1. Dining Table

After doing activities outside the house and there is no comfortable dining room, it must make your heart feel bad, right? Therefore, the dining table must exist as a symbol of family harmony. Moreover, it is supported by a unique room decoration.

You can put it in a special room. Or be one with the kitchen. For the size, adjust to the area of the room, yes. So that there is still space for other furniture.

2. Office Desk

Second is the office desk. This one furniture must be there to support your work. It's not good if you continue to work overtime at the office until you don't have time with your family. Therefore, provide a special room and place a work desk in it.

This way, you can still continue the pending work. At the same time enjoy togetherness and devote maximum attention to family.

3. Guest Table

Namely as a sweetener for your living room. One of the furniture that you must have. Just a suggestion, buy a table made of teak wood. Although it is more expensive, it is guaranteed to be durable, resilient, weather resistant and most importantly, your house looks like an exclusive residence.

Especially with the ease of information and communication technology. You can order it online. Just choose a variety of shapes that have been provided on the foorniture.com website. Choose what you think is good and quality.

Especially if your house is minimalist. So choosing a small and simple table model is the right choice. You can enjoy the warm atmosphere with friends in the living room while drinking coffee.

4. Consul's Desk

Fourth is a consul table that is useful for placing your home interior decoration. Whether it's a book, a lamp, an urn or something else. Try to buy one that already includes the drawer. To put small items that have the potential to interfere with the beauty of your home.

If you ask what color is suitable for the consul table? The answer is according to the concept of your home. Because to look beautiful everything must be combined.

You can also add ornamental plants complete with flower vases. Either inside or outside the house. But first make sure the plant gets enough sunlight and water intake.

5. Terrace Table

In addition to the living room, the terrace is often a place to receive guests. Therefore, you must provide a table in the terrace room. In addition, often we also spend the morning reading the newspaper accompanied by enjoying the front page of the house.

Because it is located outside the room, make sure the patio table is made of weather-resistant materials and finishes so that they are not easily damaged by shrinking or peeling color.

Now you are no longer confused about what type of table for your home. Try to buy at a trusted store. We provide many references to the shape and type of table. Starting from the smallest size to the largest. Make sure it is made with quality materials.

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