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Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret

Kistang - Ramin wood is one type of wood that is widely available in Indonesia. The ramin tree grows in Sumatra and Kalimantan, which mostly have peat forests. Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret Ramin is a very familiar type of wood used for making doors and house frames. If you look at houses in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, many use this ramin material. Unfortunately, many do not know how to properly care for ramin doors. For those of you who have a house made of wood, you need to know how to properly care for it. Why Choose Doors with Ramin Wood? The reason ramin wood is so popular is of course because of its quality, although when compared to teak it is still very far away. However, this wood remains a favorite of the Indonesian people. Not only used by the people themselves, ramin is also a fairly large contributor to exports. Most of the ramin is exported in the form of wood lpg or plywood. In Indonesia itself, ramin is famous for being used as f

5 Strong Weather Resistant Wood Suitable For Outdoor Areas

Kistang - In addition to your favorite material, wood has a strong allure for home decoration. Wood is also suitable for interior and exterior applications. The use of wood outside the house does need extra attention from termite attacks or changes in heat, as well as rain.

5 Strong Weather Resistant Wood Suitable For Outdoor Areas
5 Strong Weather Resistant Wood Suitable For Outdoor Areas

So that you don't choose the wrong one, consider 5 types of wood whose characters are suitable for use outside the home.

1. Teak wood

Teak wood or teak wood is the best quality wood among other types. This wood has a brown color with fibers that form a unique texture. Until now, teak wood is still considered the strongest wood.

Due to the very slow growth of teak, market demand is difficult to meet. Therefore, the price becomes very expensive. For quality, teak wood from Java is considered the best. The reason is because teak trees grow well in dry and calcareous areas such as Java Island.

2. Merbau Wood

This wood is often used as an alternative to teak wood. The color of this wood is brown with hints of red and yellow. Merbau wood from some places gray to black. The texture is like a dotted straight line.

To process this wood, you need extra effort. However, you do not need to do much maintenance for this breed. With wood quality that is almost the same as teak, merbau is sold at a price that is not much different.

3. Ironwood ( Ulin wood )

Ulin wood or better known as ironwood, belongs to the hardwood group. This wood is light brown in color.

Many think that the more often it is exposed to water, the better this wood looks. There is no special care required by this type of wood.

If you choose wood material to get a nice texture, maybe you should think again about choosing this wood. In contrast to teak which has an attractive grain shape, ironwood fiber can be said to be invisible.

Another drawback is that sometimes this wood has hair cracks on its surface.

4. Bengkirai Wood

This wood from Kalimantan is also known as balau wood. Bengkirai has a yellow-brown appearance. Bengkirai wood core has a darker color than the part close to the surface. The wood grain is long and straight.

When compared to other woods, bengkirai is the most brittle. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find hair cracks after drying. Even so, this wood is a hard wood so it is widely used for outdoor decks.

For the price, bengkirai is sold at a lower price than teak and ironwood.

5. Sea Resin Wood

Sea resin wood is a hard wood. It looks almost the same as bengkirai. Sea resin has straight or twisted fibers. New sea resin wood generally has a brownish yellow color. The longer you are exposed to the outside, the darker the wood will be.

This wood processing process is difficult because of the hard nature of the wood. You will need more effort to process this wood.

In terms of price, sea resin has a slightly cheaper price than bengkirai wood.

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