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The difference between teak vs mahogany, which one is better for home furniture?

Kistang - In furniture stores, you can usually find furniture made of teak or mahogany. Which one do you think is better between the two? Just look at the difference between teak vs mahogany here!

The difference between teak vs mahogany, which one is better for home furniture?
The difference between teak vs mahogany, which one is better for home furniture?

One type of wood that is often used for home furnishings or materials for making houses is teak and mahogany. You can find both types of wood easily in Indonesia and are famous for their good strength and beautiful appearance.

However, which one is better between the two?

Check out the difference between teak vs mahogany for home furnishings below!

teak wood

Teak wood is one type of wood that is quite often found in Indonesia. Teak has an attractive appearance with a beautiful brown color and pattern, so it is often converted into furniture.

In addition to its attractive appearance, teak wood also has a fairly high strength. Although not included in class I wood, teak wood has high durability and a long service life.

Even some home furnishings made of teak can last for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the price of teak is high because of the high demand.In addition, the pores of the wood are also quite large and difficult to carry everywhere because it is very heavy.

It can be concluded that the advantages of teak wood are its strong durability, long-lasting, beautiful pattern, resistant to all weathers, and easy to find in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of teak wood are that it is relatively expensive, has large pores, and is heavy.


In addition to teak, mahogany is also one type of wood that is quite often used as a material for home furnishings in Indonesia. Mahogany wood is known as a type of luxury wood with its hard wood and small pores.

This makes mahogany very suitable for use as a material for making home furnishings to materials for making musical instruments. The appearance of mahogany wood is very charming with a reddish color with a beautiful pattern but not too visible. When compared to teak, mahogany wood has a relatively cheap price. In America and Europe, mahogany is known as luxury wood, so the furniture industry in Indonesia often exports mahogany furniture to both continents. In contrast to teak which is grown in plantations, you can find mahogany wood on the roadside and functions as an absorbent of pollutants and water absorption when it rains. This makes mahogany known as a protective tree. In simple terms, the advantages of mahogany are its strong durability, the price is relatively cheap, and the pores of the wood are small.

Meanwhile, the disadvantages of mahogany are that it is not durable, easily attacked by pests, and not very resistant to weather.

Better Types of Wood for Home Furniture

So, which type of wood is better to use for home furnishings? When choosing wooden furniture, it's a good idea to choose furniture made of teak wood. This is because the furniture is classified as more durable, resistant to change, and not easily damaged by pests. However, the price of teak furniture is quite expensive, so many people often have to think twice before buying teak furniture.

However, when choosing a musical instrument, you are better off choosing a musical instrument made of mahogany because of its small pores. It can be concluded that to make frames, doors, windows, or other home materials, it is better for you to choose teak wood. However, to buy furniture products with duco finishing, you can choose mahogany wood with small pores.

Those are some comparisons of mahogany and teak wood for furniture, hopefully it will be useful and thank you for participating in our blog.