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Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret

Kistang - Ramin wood is one type of wood that is widely available in Indonesia. The ramin tree grows in Sumatra and Kalimantan, which mostly have peat forests. Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret Ramin is a very familiar type of wood used for making doors and house frames. If you look at houses in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, many use this ramin material. Unfortunately, many do not know how to properly care for ramin doors. For those of you who have a house made of wood, you need to know how to properly care for it. Why Choose Doors with Ramin Wood? The reason ramin wood is so popular is of course because of its quality, although when compared to teak it is still very far away. However, this wood remains a favorite of the Indonesian people. Not only used by the people themselves, ramin is also a fairly large contributor to exports. Most of the ramin is exported in the form of wood lpg or plywood. In Indonesia itself, ramin is famous for being used as f

Characteristics of Quality Wood

Kistang - Wood is the dominant part of the tree. Wood has a hard texture, but there is also wood that is brittle to the touch. Wood quality is influenced by natural factors as well as human factors.

6 characteristics of quality wood
6 characteristics of quality wood

Wood usually comes from different trees. For wood, usually several factors must be considered in cutting or drying. This greatly affects the wood that will be used for various needs.

Usually wood will be used to make furniture, in addition, wood is also used as a building material. Not infrequently houses or buildings are designed using wood materials, and have better quality than using a mixture of sand and cement.

6 characteristics of quality wood

The following things can be used to monitor the search for good and high quality wood. Are as follows :

Old felled wood

Quality wood usually has an old age. Because if it is old, the wood has a small amount of water which has an effect on making furniture.

Young wood has a lot of water content. The water contained in wood is not good for making furniture. For this reason, a moisture meter can be used to measure wood moisture.

wood pores

Wood that has the best quality has dense pores. Usually wood that has dense pores has good durability.

Wood that has dense pores will usually be resistant to insects. The wood will be durable and protected from termites which usually will do wood loss.

The color of the wood is more alive

In teak, teak wood will have a slightly brighter and lively color. This is due to the presence of wood pigments that are formed on old teak wood.

No dead eyes

Dead eyes are usually shaped like eye patterns on the surface of the wood. The dead eye has the potential to break.

No wooden heart

The heart of the wood is a part of the wood that has a texture like cork and if it is separated from the wood, it will leave marks on the body of the wood.

Wood without holes

Quality wood has no holes in the wood. These holes can make the wood to be of low quality.

those are the characteristics of quality wood, hopefully it can help you in choosing wood to make furniture and equipment made of wood and thank you for visiting our blog.

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