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Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret

Kistang - Ramin wood is one type of wood that is widely available in Indonesia. The ramin tree grows in Sumatra and Kalimantan, which mostly have peat forests. Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret Ramin is a very familiar type of wood used for making doors and house frames. If you look at houses in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, many use this ramin material. Unfortunately, many do not know how to properly care for ramin doors. For those of you who have a house made of wood, you need to know how to properly care for it. Why Choose Doors with Ramin Wood? The reason ramin wood is so popular is of course because of its quality, although when compared to teak it is still very far away. However, this wood remains a favorite of the Indonesian people. Not only used by the people themselves, ramin is also a fairly large contributor to exports. Most of the ramin is exported in the form of wood lpg or plywood. In Indonesia itself, ramin is famous for being used as f

5 types of wood that are good for making furniture

Kistang - If we talk about wood, we will definitely focus on its function as a furniture material and building foundation. Each type of wood furniture itself has different characteristics, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type of wood. Do you know, what are the types of wood for home furniture? Check out the following review .

Types of Wood for the Best and Most Durable Furniture

5 types of wood that are good for making furniture
5 types of wood that are good for making furniture

As the title of this article suggests, we have selected the 5 best woods to make furniture, which are as follows:

Teak wood

The first type of wood that is often used for furniture is teak. Teak wood itself is known as high quality wood which is in great demand and is used as the main material for making furniture. Not only that, teak wood is known for its durability and resistance to termite attacks due to the natural oil content in it.

Teak wood itself is included in hard wood, making it more easily damaged if hit by an impact. If judged in terms of color, this teak wood has a not so bright appearance like mindi wood. The natural oil content in it is what makes teak unsuitable for solid finishing in bright colors such as white, red, green, etc.

Pine Wood

The next type of wood for furniture that is often used is pine wood which is often an idol for furniture craftsmen because the price is quite affordable. The appearance of this pine wood itself tends to be bright and easily overwritten with other colors. Not only that, pine also tends to be light in weight so that it is not as strong as teak.

Pine wood itself is often used as a solution for making household furniture with a cheaper budget. Pine wood or also known as Dutch teak is also an imported used pallet wood and is one of the most favorite recycled materials, so it is very suitable for minimalist-style furniture.


Furthermore, there is mahogany which has fine and varied wood fibers. With these characteristics, mahogany wood often appears in a natural and classic style that is seductive in every existing piece of furniture. Not only that, it turns out that mahogany is often the basic material for Jepara furniture.

When it comes to strength, this wood is not as strong and durable as teak. Not only that, mahogany wood also has high durability because it is susceptible to termites and is not easily changed to the effects of weather and rain. Because of this nature, mahogany is more suitable for use as an indoor furniture material.

Mindi Wood

Besides mahogany wood, it turns out that mindi wood is also an alternative as a wood material for furniture, especially the raw material for making Jepara furniture products. The characteristics of mindi wood itself are quite hard, but not as strong as teak or mahogany. For this reason mindi wood is prone to breaking, so you have to really pay attention to the use of this wood.

For those of you who have a minimalist style dwelling, this mindi wood furniture is a perfect choice. The reason is, mindi wood has good wood fibers, and is very suitable for minimalist homes with natural colors. Unfortunately, this type of wood has a weakness that is easy to break, and easy to bend.

Merbau Wood

The last type of wood for furniture is merbau wood which has a reddish brown color and is often used as a second alternative after teak. Merbau wood itself has a level of hardness, and density which has a grade below teak. Not only that, this type of wood is also resistant to weather and insects. For this reason, many people look to merbau wood to be used as household furniture.

Those are five types of wood for furniture that are often used and have the best quality, each with its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose this type of wood so that the furniture you make can have good resistance.

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