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Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret

Kistang - Ramin wood is one type of wood that is widely available in Indonesia. The ramin tree grows in Sumatra and Kalimantan, which mostly have peat forests. Want Ramin Wooden Doors at Home to Stay Durable? This is the secret Ramin is a very familiar type of wood used for making doors and house frames. If you look at houses in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, many use this ramin material. Unfortunately, many do not know how to properly care for ramin doors. For those of you who have a house made of wood, you need to know how to properly care for it. Why Choose Doors with Ramin Wood? The reason ramin wood is so popular is of course because of its quality, although when compared to teak it is still very far away. However, this wood remains a favorite of the Indonesian people. Not only used by the people themselves, ramin is also a fairly large contributor to exports. Most of the ramin is exported in the form of wood lpg or plywood. In Indonesia itself, ramin is famous for being used as f

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teak Wood

Kistang - This time I will discuss a little about the advantages and disadvantages of teak wood, and it is better if we understand and know what teak is first. Teak wood is a member of perennials and can live for hundreds of years, the tree itself has a very large size with a diameter of up to 2 meters, while the height can reach more than 30 meters. The outer skin is green but covered with white scales, has very wide leaves and does not bear fruit.

In addition, teak wood can reduce air pollution and prevent landslides, this is because the teak plant can filter dirty air with its leaves which function as absorbing air pollution around the teak tree, the leaves also release oxygen which makes the surrounding air clean. In addition, its large roots can also strengthen the composition of the soil and store rainwater, making it suitable for use as a landslide prevention plant when it rains.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teak Wood
Advantages and Disadvantages of Teak Wood

It has been a long time since teak trees have become popular and famous, so teak is widely planted by Perhutani, this type of wood was chosen because it is in demand by many Indonesians. Teak wood was chosen because of its many advantages, including strength (sturdy), pest resistance, and a long service life. And what is one of the shortcomings of teak is that it is very expensive, even so, teak remains the most popular and best-selling in Jepara. And the competitor is mahogany.

According to my knowledge, teak wood can only be harvested or cut down if it is more than 20 years old, but now many who are still under that age have been harvested. Even though this can reduce the quality of teak wood, so if you want to buy any teak product, make sure it is made from old teak wood that has high quality.

Teak wood is widely used to share products from frames, doors, furniture and others. While in Jepara teak wood is widely used for wood furniture companies, especially for the production of wooden furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, kitchen sets, toilets and others. Teak products in Jepara have been exported to many foreign countries, both Asia, Europe, and America. Teak wood was chosen because it is very sturdy and resistant to weather changes, and has a unique texture. So many people make outdoor furniture from this type of wood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teak Wood

All wood has its own advantages and disadvantages. Including teak wood, for that I will share a little about it based on my experience as a handyman in the city of Jepara:

The advantages of teak woodwood

Strong And Durable

Many people already know that the quality of teak wood is almost higher than the type of cloth wood. Teak wood has good resilience and strength, this can be proven by rarely finding dry teak that is easily broken and broken, besides that it also has a long service life, there are even some antique teak products that have hundreds of years of age. So don't hesitate to buy furniture made from these materials, because the quality has really been tested.

Resistant to Any Weather

The advantages of teak wood, besides being strong and durable, are also resistant to any weather conditions, whether it's pasas, rain, or even winter. So it's only natural that the majority of outdoor wooden furniture such as sticks are almost all produced from this type of wood. Even though the weather changes, teak wood will remain as in its original form,

Has beautiful fiber.

The wood grain of this type of wood is very distinctive. Teak has a variety of patterns, which can be seen with the naked eye, so I think it's only natural that many finish teak wood with natural colors or classic colors, which highlight the original color of teak and show its pattern.

Teak Wood is More Pest Resistant

Teak wood is indeed more resistant to wood pests than other woods such as mahogany, mindi and meh (trembesi), but when the wood is still wet there are some cases of teak wood chipping. Crocoh itself is the emergence of small holes from wood caused by small pests. But when it has become an item, I rarely find one that is eaten by pests. So I conclude that one of the advantages of teak is that it is more pest resistant than other types of wood.

Not Easy to Shrink Or Stick

In addition to being strong and durable, teak wood is also very stable, because dry teak is not easy to shrink and change shape in the carpentry term "ngulet", and this is what makes teak wood widely used in any industry, both wooden furniture, such as chairs. , tables, cabinets, beds, kitchen sets, beds and others. Or for housing such as frames, doors and home decorations

Not Easy to Mold

Rarely do I find moldy teak wood. It's very different from mahogany, because one of the weaknesses of mahogany is that it is easy to mold and I don't find this in teak.

2. Lack of teak wood

The price is more expensive

Of course we know that teak does have good quality than other woods, and this is the possibility that makes it very expensive. And when I compare the prices of teak and mahogany, it turns out that teak is more expensive with a difference of almost 30% per cubic. So don't be surprised if teak products are expensive. Because the main raw materials are already expensive.

Not suitable for duco

One of the drawbacks of teak wood is that the pores are very large so it will not be suitable if it is finished with a duco paint model. Even if you can, it definitely requires extra energy and costs, very different from mahogany which has small pores so it's easy to make a duco model. In addition, teak releases oil, so that during the duco finishing process it sometimes appears yellowish.

Having a Big Gudal

The weakness of teak is that it has a large gudal. Gudal wood I mean the midpoint of the wood. The midpoint of teak is usually larger than that of other woods. In addition, it is also very easy to peel off because it is like foam, and is generally white in color.

So a description of the advantages and disadvantages of teak wood, each type of wood does have its own advantages and disadvantages, but when asked what kind of wood is the most qualified, the first answer that appears in my personal opinion is teak, then mahogany, then mindi. Everything I put in this article is based on personal experience, hopefully it can be useful.

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